Mobile Latter for Picking - 54" High

Product Number: ORML-6-016

Mobile Latter for Picking - 54" High

The mobile ladder allows you to load and unload tires from racks and shelving. Ideally, a worker should lift between his shoulders and knees. The 6-step ladder is suitable for reaching the top of the 4-tier tire shelving. The 10-step ladder is better for reaching the top of the 4-tiers & 5-tiers tire shelving and other high pallet racking systems.

These ladders are especially useful when tires are stored in inaccessible areas such as narrow aisles or mezzanines where lifts cannot go. The mobile ladders are equipped with a unique stabilization system. The user must pull the ergonomic lever to lower the four wheels and move the stairs, which other wise rest on a steel base. Other safety features include handrails and grip steps, which comply with standard Health and safety regulations.

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