Advantages of Using Stack Racks
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Advantages of Using Stack Racks

What is the advantage of Stack Racks over Uprights & Crossbars?

  • Stack Racks gives you flexibility and versatility in your warehouse/distribution center to reconfigure the footprint of your warehouse to obtain maximum storage density and efficiency.
  • Your hard to rack products that cannot be double stacked and are stored on the floor, can store easily in stack racks and be able to double or quadruple stacked, adding more density in your warehouse.
  • If your company had seasonal peaks and valleys, you can reconfigure your warehouse storage capacity when your storage needs changes.
  • You don’t have to dedicate square footage of your warehouse to permanent racking and have the flexibility to reconfigure your warehouse as your need arises.
  • You can move multiple pallet locations at one time.
  • Reduces product damage.
  • Racks assemble quickly and easily, and disassemble & break down for easy storage when not in use.
  • They can be installed easily and quickly.
  • Stack racks can be used in various industries.
  • They are great for Bulk Storage items, (Ex. Seasonal merchandise), that needs to be stored for months.
  • When loaded, the racks can be moved with the product on them to work stations or the production lines. This will reduce labor costs, handling time, and manpower.
  • Can store the product directly on the rack. The base of the rack will act as a pallet, which in turn will eliminate cost of wooden pallets.
  • Stack racks can be used as a shipping rack, which would greatly reduce costly shipping damage.
  • Stack racks can be customized to fit around your product.
  • Stack racks and be disassembled and stored within a very small area of your warehouse, which will recapture valuable floor space for other activities.