Impulse 1" LW Impact Wrench 1800 ft-lb

Product Number: ORX-LW2

Impulse 1" LW Impact Wrench 1800 ft-lb

  • Max. torque 1800 ft-lb and delivers up to a max speed of 6000 RPMs
  • Lightweight at only 15.6 lb
  • Ergonomic handle & rubber rests so you don't damage tool
  • Equipped with a twin hammer mechanism & forward-reverse function
  • Pneumatic 1/2" NPT female inlet

This extremely powerful handheld impact wrench is durable and strong enough to withstand heavy use. Sitting at only 15.6 lb, it is designed for truck tires and heavy duty jobs requiring hard hitting impact blows from a compact, lightweight tool. Reach a max torque of 2441 Nm / 1800 ft-lb at a max speed of 6000 RPM. Equipped with a twin-hammer mechanism and with the 3-position power regulator, you can seamlessly switch between power modes and adjust torque output for each task. With its ergonomic handle, this impact wrench lets you change direction with a simple forward/reverse push button for maximum control and performance.

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