Stackable Pallet Frames
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Stackable Pallet Frames

Stack-Itâ„¢ Pallet Frames attach to a standard wooden pallet and allow multiple stacking of pallet loads. This modular system maximizes in-house storage space increasing mobility and making efficient use of air and floor space during production, warehousing and shipping.

Metal frame constructed of structural grade steel tubing is easily attached to your wooden pallets quickly and securely unlike any other pallet stacking frame. Available in 1,000 and 2,000 lb. capacity to fit all sizes of wooden pallets.

Pallet Stacking Frames allow you to stack 4 or 5 high.

Two metal frames lock together forming an x-brace which supports the load corner to corner or center to center to achive positive load support.

Unique X-Brace design allows for quick and easy assembly unlike conventional pallet frames.

Allows you to change storage layout easily and inexpensively.

When not in use, racks can be disassembled to store neatly and compactly in a minimum of space.

Tested to meet design standards adopted by the rack manufacturers institute.

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