Tire Cart

Product Number: ORTC-013

Tire Cart

The tire cart reduces handling, reduces the number of trips and helps avoid work stoppages and workplace accidents, particularly back injuries. Your employees will greatly appreciate this tool, especially when working with larger, heavier tires.

The tire cart carries passenger and light truck tires from 12" to 35" in diameter and can move 6 to 8 tires at a time. The cart's total width is 28" when closed. The tire cart manufactured by Martins Industries uses strong and durable 50-psi wheels, which suffer less compression under heavy tire loads. The cart is painted with a red powder-coated finish.

A foot pedal opens the cart's arms. The tire cart then slides under the stack of tires and tips back in the same way as a mover's hand truck. A gas cylinder closes the cart's arms around the tire stack. The tires sit securely in the cart for safe and easy moving.

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