Premium Tire Cart

Product Number: ORPTC-014

Premium Tire Cart

The Premium Tire Cart reduces handling, the number of trips and helps avoid work stoppages and workplace accidents, particularly back injuries. Your employees will greatly appreciate this tool, especially when working with larger, heavier tires.

This carries tires of up to 38-1/2" (980 mm) in diameter and can move up to 8 tires at a time. It is easy to use, simply open the clamps of the cart with the handles, slide it under the stack of tires, close back the clamps and lean back the cart to move around the tires easily.

The Premium Tire Cart is adjustable at a 45 degrees angle to transport the tires easily and effortless due to the back wheels that can handle the maximum weight capacity of 440 lb (200 kg). The cart can be position in an angle of 90 degrees (horizontal) to be used as a working plan.

The clamps are also adjustable to fit tires of up to 34-1/2" (876 mm) in the first position and of up to 38-1/2" (980 mm) in the second position.

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